Pure Wool Worsted Mystery Afghan Knit-Along

There is just one scary word to me in this title.  Mystery.  I am a planner.  I do not like surprises. Mysteries in my life do not intrigue me, especially in my knitting.  I did the Ysolda "Follow Your Arrow" mystery knit-along shawl and the spoiler photos were my best friends throughout that project.  I would get up each Monday morning, make my coffee and pore over the photos in the Ravelry group entitled "clue - SPOILERS".

So then why would I take on the Pure Wool Worsted Mystery Afghan?  There are a few reasons.  Rowan Pure Wool Worsted in a new yarn to our shop and I wanted to test-drive it.  How does it knit?  Do I like the stitch definition?  How does it hand wash, machine wash and block?  Also, I really enjoy getting a clue a week.  It is like a little mini project I can work on in between the larger items that I am knitting.  Finish the clue and wait for the next Monday...the weekly satisfaction of a complete project.  The last reason...Martin Storey

How can you not want to knit along with him and his maroon velvet pants?

So as some of you saw on Facebook, I selected my colors to match the couch in my den and I waited for the first clue to be released.  Week 1 - Garter Stitch Waves... Pick two colors and make three squares in each color!  So a pair of size 6 needles these two lovely colors, Apple and Rosy, and off I went! (This toile fabric is not the couch I am matching, just a place with good light.)

I knit them whenever I had a moment.  Hour-long TV shows were my best friend!  Oh, and did I love the yarn.  It is bouncy and easy to knit.  The yarn does not split and you can see the stitch definition... it lets the work you do shine!   

At the end of the week I had a stack of completed squares.  This is like knitting a bunch of dishcloths (which I love to do)!  Do you see the little fleck of yellow in the green?  It has a bit of character.  I felt so good when these were complete, except there was one problem: they need to be blocked.  I am blocking obsessed!  I want everything to lay nice and flat, ready for easy seaming.  The last thing I want at the end of this project is 48 squares that required blocking.  

I could have just pressed them as suggested in the pattern but I like to soak my knitting.  A bit of Eucalan in some lukewarm water for 15 minutes and everyone is happy!  The fibers relax and soften up a bit and so do I.

I lay them out on a towel...

and then make a burrito roll out of them.  Next, I do a little dance on the the burrito to take out any excess moisture.  There are no photos of that, my daughters would be horrified.

Here comes the blocking board!  I still have not splurged and purchased one of the 
Coco Knits blocking sets we have at the store.  So I haul this big guy out from under my bed and let it dominate my living room floor until my knitting dries.  Thankfully, my dog is not curious enough to disturb it.  I use blocking wires as they help to create a neat edge.

Now I have a beautiful stack of six completed and blocked mini projects.  All I have to do is wait for the next clue!  Just because you missed a week please don't feel like it is too late to join in.  You can knit this clue as you complete the others.  This is a perfect project for beginners as the squares will get more involved as the project progresses.  Martin Storey will cover lace, cables and many other techniques in the remaining seven weeks.  There is also a Youtube video to go with each clue (or you can always ask us for help at the shop).  There are a ton of color options or you can knit a solid color throw.  Please stop by or call the shop with questions!  

Knit... and be happy!


  1. Your color selections are lovely. Nice work!

  2. Thank you for such a concise, sensible no fuss and informative post! I'm used to blocking needlepoint and garments, but for some reason couldn't get my head around blocking a bunch of squares. Brilliant. I'm off to soak now (I'm doing the Kaffe KAL) and I promise to do a little dance on the burrito. I think that part is essential :)


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