Friday, April 5, 2013

Final final discounts

Hi everybody!
Well it's the moment you've all been waiting for, the final 3 days of business under the "old" (hey! waitasecond!) ownership. That means you need to come on in and help us make all the rest of our inventory disappear! Into your stashes! Haha!
Starting today, absolutely everything remaining is half off!! Including books, which brings them below wholesale prices (well okay maybe not for the behemoth Amazon, but definitely for the little biz guy like us). Also in the publications arena, all Rowan and Debbie Bliss booklets are just $3 each! All Leisure Arts Publications are $2, name-brand leaflets are down to a buck apiece, and there are many free leaflets & booklets now, too!
Besides that half-off deal on all yarns, books, and notions, remember that we go 5% deeper if you buy a full bag, or clean us out of a color (5 or more balls) - plus there are orphan bag deals which are real steals! Come check it all out!
We're open today (Friday) & tomorrow 10-5:30, and Sunday is our last day of business, open noon to 4PM. Then wait for a complete transformation into the incredible new Monarch, opening April 20th, under the ownership of Ann Patterson.
A big thanks to all of our many loyal customers over the past 18 years, our numerous repeat tourist-visitors, and to everyone who ever brought a smile & the love of the fiber arts to our door. 
Love, Joan, Sakura & Snickers

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Prices still dropping!

Hi Everybody!
Wow, what a fun time we've all had this month! We get to see many of our old friends, and they get to take home unbelieveable bargains!! It's all good.
A couple of things, before we get to this week's new deeper discounts: We are closed on Easter Sunday, March 31st. Open again on Monday, April 1st (no foolin' haha!!) through the following weekend, April 7th. And one more thing: many loyal customers have asked if they'll see familiar faces around here under the new ownership. The answer is yes! The staff will remain. It's just Joan who will go, to be replaced by the fabulous Ann Patterson! It's all good!!
Now for the sale news: Starting today, all needles and buttons are half off! Brown Sheep yarns drop to 45% off, and yes, what so many have been waiting for, Plymouth yarns are now 40% off! That brings a ball of Encore Worsted solid down to $3.59! And we still have lots of stock left. How about some Encore DK? At $2.03 per ball, you can't lose!! Is Dreambaby your favorite? $2.39 per ball!
We're also piling up the 45% off full-bag deals, we've added some half-off bag deals in the baby yarn department, and remember that the bag-deal and orphan ball area is another half-off zone! Plus, Colinette and Blue Heron yarns have also hit the 40% off level.
See you soon! -Joan et al

Friday, March 22, 2013

New Deeper Discounts!

It's been a party atmosphere here at Monarch! With everyone happily beefing up their stashes at unbelieveable prices.
We still have lots of yarn, though! And now, storewide, absolutely everything is 30% off! That means you can walk into Monarch and know that you're going to get at least that much off on anything you see! Yeah!
As most of you know, we already have all Manos and Brown Sheep yarns at 40% off, and today we're adding to that list all Debbie Bliss and Rowan Yarns! Both of these fantastic brands are such long-time favorites that there are too many individual yarns to list here! But to name a few favorites: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, Luxury Tweed and Angel; Rowan Lima, Cocoon and Kidsilk Haze.
  And remember, we're here to deal! So if you buy us out of a color, or clear us out of a complete yarn (like for instance, all the rest of our Baby Cashmerino!) we can deepen that discount!
Here are a couple of other enticements: All patterns are now $1.50 and there's a big bin of leaflets at just 10 cents each! And all books are now 35% off! 
And there are still some great items for spinners, including exclusive-to-Monarch Shetland roving, plus a few carders, flickers and niddy-noddies at incredible prices! Sorry, all the wheels are gone.
Monarch's new owner, Ann Patterson, has given us a peek into her great new plans! Her new yarn additions will include Malabrigo and Blue Sky Alpaca. And after a brief closure starting April 8th, she'll be re-opening on April 20th! Can't wait!!
Hope to see you soon! --Joan, Koryn, Diane, Kathy, Anna & Sydney

Saturday, March 16, 2013

A big huge thank you to all of you who've already come in to take advantage of our rock-bottom prices! As we move through our weeks of transition, discounts get even deeper! And while inventory of some items is dwindling, we have a lot of many of your favorite yarns & supplies! So hurry in for the best selection!

This weeks super special is 40% off on all Brown Sheep yarns! One of our favorite brands! Here’s a fun fact: The Brown Sheep farm in Mitchell, Nebraska is a “Century Farm,” meaning it’s been in the same family for more than 100 years! Talk about All-American!

The Brown Sheep yarns have always been a great value; now prices start at $3.42! That’s for the Superwash Sport. Also enjoy the 40% off discount on Lamb’s Pride Worsted and Bulky, Nature Spun Worsted, Cotton Fleece and Serendipity Tweed. Plus cones of Naturespun Fingering & Cotton Fine.

And we have a large volume of these yarns! So you can buy enough for that cozy sweater, long-lasting afghan, or fabulous felting project.

While we clean up and clear out, the new owner, Ann Patterson, is gearing up and getting set to re-open later in April! You’re going to love what Ann has in store for you!!

Until next week, happy bargain hunting!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

New Owners! and Big Sale!

Monarch Knitting is thrilled to announce new ownership!! We're so excited! The new owners will be up and running in just over a month, and they have fantastic plans for all new yarns and a great new atmosphere!

What that means to you is, we need to sell EVERY SINGLE THING in the store at rock bottom prices! Yarn, needles, notions, books, even display items, EVERYTHING must go!!

Starting tomorrow, Saturday, March 9th at 10AM, everything at Monarch will be 25% OFF!! Everything! Plus, many items will be even more deeply discounted. This week, our deep discount special is on all Manos del Uruguay yarns, including Classica, Maxima, Silk Blend, and Lace. Right now we have a huge inventory of these yarns, so come early for the best selection -- at 40% off! That's right! Plus, if you buy every last skein of any color, and there are at least 5 skeins, you get another 5% off! That's 45%!! So hurry in!

And this is just the start! Every week for the next month, we'll have near-wholesale deals on certain famous brand names. So watch our website, blog and these emails for updates. And some of our BEST DEALS will only be found when you come in! And absolutely everything is at least 25% off. So visit often!

Meanwhile, mark your calendars for the grand re-opening of Monarch Knitting under the new ownership. You're sure to be surprised when they throw open their doors, later in April.

Ready, set, see you at the sale! -- Joan, Koryn, Diane, Anna & Sydney

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Two Knitted Hats

Happy Valentines Day yarn pals! We hope everyone is having a happy love-filled (and chocolate filled!) day!

Today we have a quick little show ‘n tell for you! A couple of really cute hats we thought you would love! This first one is a really simple in-style slouchy type hat I created. I was inspired one day when Joan brought in this big bag of these beautiful phesant feathers she aquired from a friend. I was amazed by all the different types & colors these feathers came in! I walked around the shop and trying to find a perfect match to these stunning feathers. I found a pretty skein of Shibui Baby Alpaca DK in a dark amber color...
Love this yarn too! Super soft and luxurious. I also found a ball of Rowan Kidsilk Haze in a dark chocolate brown to hold with.
I thought adding the Kidsilk would give the knitted fabric a soft fuzzy some of the feathers! The Shibui Silk Cloud would be a great option as well to hold with, but I picked the Kidsilk for the color. I took these beautiful yarns home and the feathers and here is what came out a few days later....
Simply luxurious! I love! I took the feathers and glued them together and made them into a pin so it can be removed. Stylish touch I think! Thank you Joan for the inspiration ;) A great friend of mine just had a birthday so she was the lucky recipient. She was very pleasantly surprised! I gotta make me one. I’ve had many people ask me, “why don’t you sell these?”. I get great joy out of creating things not to sell but to gift to loved ones who appreciate the time that goes in. I did however write the pattern and will share it with you free with yarn purchase! My lovely co-worker Anna made one using Shibui Baby Alpaca DK and Shibui Silk Cloud held together....
Gorgeous! Thank you Anna! This one feels a bit softer to me. The Shibui Silk Cloud has more silk content, so a softer feel. Anna knitted the flowers from my knitted headband pattern, stacked them, and sewed a button on top. Nice touch! Just that little detail really brings a basic hat up a notch. Hope you love it ;) 
Here’s another great hat Anna made you must see!
Here fishy, fishy! So cute! This is a gift Anna knit for her son’s birthday. He’s quite fond of fish I hear. This pattern is free at The yarn used was our Biscotte & Cie “Gobelin”. A hand-painted, self striping superwash wool from Canada. Super fun to knit! The tail and all fins were knit using Grignasco “MerinoGold 8”. A super squishy-soft  superwash merino made in Italy. We love this silly! When worn, it looks like your head is about to be swallowed whole! Perfect gift for a child...or a child a heart. 
Hey! These other colors would make a great rainbow trout...don't you think?
We hope you like our show ‘n tell! We want you to be inspired! If you need inspiration for a new project, come on in and well make it happen! We got in a brand new issue of Interweave Knits yesterday. This magazine is perfect for new project inspiration. Interweave Knits always is always full of many great garments and accessories to keep you knitting in-style for every season!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Knitted Finger Puppets

Howdy everyone! Sorry we have been absent form our blog. We have been taking lots of time to do a bit of early spring cleaning around the shop. During our big sale, things tend to get a bit untidy around here! It was quite busy, busy! 

Now that we are as back to as normal as we can be, we can take a moment to share a few fun little things. We hope they inspire you come visit us....and maybe start a new project! 

Remember that wonderful yarn by Skacel called “Gradient”? Well, we FINALLY got a couple of colors in. This yarn was so, so popular it had been backordered for a month or so! Here are the bright, cheerful colors that came...
Oh! That beautiful emerald green is a new one! I have heard emerald green is supposed to be the “in” color this year. One could make a pair of my “Gradient Mitts” and really be walking around in style (and stay warm at the same time!). 

Or make a pretty slouchy hat like our pal Anna...
Slouchy hats are always in! This pattern is a free download from, it’s called “Rikke Hat”. I walked around wearing it yeasterday (along with my Gradient Mitts) and stayed nice and toasty warm. When I walked up the street to get lunch, the ladies at the deli could not get over the great accsessories I had on! I told them to come on down, well get you everything you need to have a pair of your own. We even supply all the moral support you will ever need ;)

Come get a ball of this wonderful yarn before it’s gone again! It’s a hard one to come by lately. 

Joan has been making the cutest little toys lately! She has been inspired by a niece who’s having a baby. She’s been showing up with a new little toy every week. Today she showed up with something new. We just had to show you these....

Lion's, and Tiger's, and Bears....oh my!! The most adoreble little finger puppets EVER! Are’t they just too much cute?! They come from a book we sell right here at Monarch called “Knitted Finger Puppets”

How fun is this?! There are 34 different little finger puppets to create and play! Little circus themed puppets, fairy tale themed, nursury rhyme themed, and even Christmasie themed! They’re very simple (and quick!) to make and you will have a blast finding things to adorn them with (felt, beads, etc.). We have everything you need here to start! Come join the fun! 

Here are a few new unique buttons that came in today...

We just love our unique collection of buttons! We have a large selection to choose from. Come check it out! We have THE button(s) for just about every project. 

That’s all the sharing for now folks. Before I leave you....I MUST tell you about the Fiber Arts Camping Retreat coming up! It’s in a very peaceful, remote area in beautiful Big Sur. Put on by Big Sur Betty on her gorgeous property. If you need to get away for a weekend and leave all cares and worries behind and just knit, crochet, or just relax in the sun...this is the get away for you! There are acres of redwoods to hike in, and a private pond for swimming. You camp in tents in a large meadow. At night it’s so clear, you can see every star in the sky! It’s very quiet and serene. The first camping retreat will be May 17th - 19th. If you can’t make it to that one, there is another September 19th - 22nd. If you want to read a little more into these great retreat camps click here. If you have questions or if you must sign up now (cause you don’t want to miss this) you can email Betty at or give her a call (831) 667-2314. Highly reccommended if you are a outdoorsy person! You would be a very happy camper ;)